Here's How To Get Started With The USA Cash Power Team

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Congratulations and Welcome Aboard! I'm happy to assist you and have you on my team!

Now let's put you in position to receive $1,OOO's Weekly- Starting Immediately!

You will be using our powerful 1up Tracker software  to get registered for this activity, however you must first send your one time gift in the amount of $500, $1500 or $3500 depending on what level you want to participate at.

You will receive my 1up Tracker ID# by phone or email after you send your gift using the instructions below.

The reason for this is I want to know you are serious about participating in this very powerful activity.  In the past I had people register with 1up Tracker before the gift was sent. 1Up Tracker only allows you to stay in the system for 48hours and then cancels you out of the system if your gift is not received within the 48 hour time frame. This is why I have you send your gift upfront so the system does not automatically remove you if your gift is not sent to me within the 48 hour time frame. There's no sense in wasting everyone's time if you are not truly serious about participating. If you have questions please call me direct at 702-997-9723 or 800-704-2429. I will be happy to speak with you.

Your next step is to send your one time gift. You can do this by Federal Express, Western Union or bank wire. If you prefer bank wire you can contact me for details otherwise if you use Federal Express or Western Union my details are below.

Federal Express Overnight or Western Union your one time pledge to:

Michael Shaw
10300 W. Charleston Blvd
Suite 13-205
Las Vegas, NV 89135

Phone Direct - 1 (702) 997-9723 or (800) 704-2429

Include both the gifting statement and non-solicitation form in your Fed-Ex
package. If using Western Union you can email or fax them to me.

If you're sending from outside the USA it's best to use Western Union or bank wire.  It's quick, fast and very reliable. If you're sending within the USA I suggest
using Federal Express. Make sure to require a signature upon delivery. Either way bank wire or Western is the fastest method of sending.

Click the link below to print the Gifting Statement and Non-Solicitation forms:

To properly package your shipment, print, sign and tri-fold both documents, wrap
one form around 18 one hundred dollar bills and the other form around 17 one hundred dollar bills. ($3500 total) If coming in at $1500 do the same with that money. If coming in at $500 do the same with that money.

Put the cash and forms into a standard #10 envelope. Seal the envelopes (addressing them is optional but suggested)

Place both sealed envelopes side by side into a regular standard size magazine. Put the magazine in a flat business clasp envelope. Seal and address this envelope just like you would if you were going to mail it. (Put postage on this envelope for good measure)

USE ONLY FEDERAL EXPRESS- Locate your nearest authorized Fed-Ex Location or Agent.  Call 1 800 Go Fed Ex to find a location near you.

Place Sealed Business Clasp Envelope into a Federal Express Overnight Pouch or Envelope and Seal.

Fill out the Fed-X Air Bill with your sender information and my recipient address information.
(Be sure to request "Signature Required for Delivery- located at the bottom right side of the air bill")

Federal Express will give you the top copy of the Air Bill for receipt of your shipment.

Call or E-mail me with your Fed-X or Western Union Tracking Number.  Once I receive your gift I will then have you register in the 1upTracker system, confirm you in the 1up Tracker system and e-mail you your getting started information website which will include full fast start instructions, daily training call number, your 618# updated, lead capture page information, lead sources and scheduled training.

In addition, I will also be furnishing you with a batch of leads, people who are
waiting to be contacted and who want to learn about this brilliantly simple, very
powerful 1up to infinity instant cash flow system- this will help to ensure your

Our system is simple and very duplicatable. Just always remember that if you want more cash, you simply need to help more people.

Again welcome aboard and congratulations.  I look forward to making room for you on my team and allowing you to duplicate my success in record time!

Let me know if you have any questions and I'll talk to you soon!

At your service,

Michael Shaw
1 800 704 2429
1 702 997 9723

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Questions? Call Michael in NV at 1-800-704-2429